Issue # 104: Colts vs. Titans

Unsacked Dilfer gets
Some Colt hospitality
Bear hug from Freeney.

Colt defense leads league
with 5.3 points per game.
End zone, no fly zone.


Raucous, rumbling Dome.
Dilfer lines up under guard.
Wrong tuckus for Trent.

One game could be fluke.
Three games is start of a trend.
Colt defense, real deal.


Another record
Most prolific passing pals
Peyton and Marvin

Eight in coverage
New tactic from opponents.
Colts still have the Edge.


Nashville is singing
Rode hard and put away wet.
New Titan theme song.

Forget game plan, coach.
Take the team to the movies.
Remember Titans.

New to the 'shoe? Read this.

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