Issue # 102: Colts vs. Jaguars

Forget the triplets.
Colts can get by with just one.
His name is Larry!

Ray needs some new moves
No number of pelvic thrusts
will stop Colts from score.


Jags need directions
Freeney is glad to oblige
Leftwich or rightwich.

Relentless pressure
Nowhere for Ravens to run.
Should've been shutout!


Marvin beats his man
Manning's pass sails out of reach.
Second time's the charm

Peyton stays patient.
Rook Utecht struggles early,
Makes catch when it counts.


Pretenders to  crown!
Our toughest division foe.
Jags have closed the gap.

Peyton doesn't press.
Jumpy Ravens fool themselves.
Halftime adjustments

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