Issue # 103: Colts vs. Browns

Leftwich, Marshall grad,
knows sounds across the line
The thundering herd!

Season upside down.
Colt defense dominates game.
Offense makes mistakes.


Like Lawrence Taylor,
Teams must account for one man.
His name?  Dwight Freeney.

One man can't block him.
Freeney: Force of Nature.
QBs now fear him


Knocked down and hurried,
Even great ones have bad days.
Manning mere mortal.

Passing game sputters.
Sometimes best pass is no pass.
Jags play cover-2.


Lost in all the hype,
Edge puts the team on his back,
Carries them to win.

Notice has been served.
Fresh from their Cheeseland upset,
Browns will not be scared.

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