Issue # 109: Colts vs. Patriots

Foxboro nightmare
Nine losses in last nine games.
The tenth time’s the charm?

New approach to Pats.
Try reverse psychology.
Colts don’t stand a chance.


Wounded champions?
Don’t let injuries fool you.
Pats will bring A-game.

Just another game?
It isn’t make or break yet,
But win would be HUGE.


Big knock on Peyton?
He still can’t win the “big game.”
Horseshoe says, “Horsesh*t!”

Run game and defense.
Patience key to victory
Colts can grind Pats down.


Battle on two fronts:
On the field and in the mind,
Colts must win both wars.

Carpe diem, Colts!
They must prove they are better
to themselves, to Pats.

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