Issue # 112: Colts vs. Steelers

Colts, Bengals trade scores.
Football game or tennis match?
No love for defense.

Bengal strategy
Stop run, force Peyton to throw.
Bengals got their wish.


First five possessions,
Result in five Colt touchdowns.
Bengals can’t keep up.

Cats pick their poison.
High score, low score, Colts can win.
Ten games tell the tale.


Chad Johnson kneels for
His indecent proposal.
Marv grabs nine hundred.

A storm is coming
Colts hunker down to avoid
Perfect season hype.


“They can.” “No, they can’t.”
Fans and pundits foam at mouth.
Colts just keep winning.

London in Indy
Big Ben will have his bell rung
Tea-time for Freeney.

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