Issue # 113: Colts vs. Titans

Poor boys from Blitzburgh.
Terrible towels at half mast.
Steel canít stop stampede.

Brute force or finesse?
Steelers play smash mouth football.
Colts kick their teeth in.


Will to power?
Existentialist ponies
bend steel to win game.

First play set the tone
Raheem Brock shoots the gap and
Pins Parker for loss.


Sanders lacks only
One thing Polamalu has:
Admirable Ďfro.

Game of tendencies
Play action bomb bucks the trend
Easy score for Marv.


Mild-mannered Marvin
Wrestles Steeler, flagged for foul.
Human after all.

The playoffs now lost,
Titans season now one game:
Hand Colts their first loss.

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