Issue # 116: Pass Imperfect

Last week: Colts 17 Chargers 26   This week: Colts at Seahawks

Champagne for Dolphins.
Chase for perfection ended.
Unlucky thirteen.

Bolt intensity.
Playoffs started early for them
Colts couldnít match it


Odd mental mistakes
Fourth down bootleg fiasco,
Grounding penalty

The wrong strategy.
Pass happy plan forgets Edge.
Colt hubris punished.


Blueprint to beat Colts?
Knock Manning down early and
Heíll make more mistakes.

Thirteen victories
Colts flirt with league history
Chargers spoil party.


Perfect distraction
Colts focus on single goal
Lombardi trophy.

Super Bowl preview
Or battle of the backups?
Woo! Itís Sorgi time!

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