Issue # 119: Tender-eared Men of Steel Return

Last week: BYE WEEK


This week: Colts vs Steelers


Driven Colt defense
Keeps Bus stuck in traffic and
Parker double parked.


Prize fight with Pittsburgh.
Indy closes steel curtain.
The Bus stops here.


Angle-jawed Cowher
Trolls sidelines like hungry shark.
Dungy reels him in.


Colts shed finesse tag.
Ponies pound line, O and D.
Horseshoes made of Steel.


Rested and ready?
Prohibitive favorites?
Still one game season!


The past is prelude.
Manning, Harrison, James
Triplet title run.


Bring ear plugs, Big Ben.
Poor, tender-eared Men of Steel.
Colt fans cause deafness.


Beware gadget plays
Flick the fleas, hook the ladders
Steeler sleight-of-hand.

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written by: Stephen Conway

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