Issue # 120: Bitter, Bitter Pill

Last week: Colts 18  Steelers 21


This week: OFF SEASON


Perfect season lost.
Quest for Super Bowl cut short.
Bitter, bitter pill.


It happens so fast.
You never expect to lose.
Months to second guess.


Great season tainted.
Single elimination.
Records mean nothing.


A new kind of horse.
When playoff time comes around
Our Colts can lay eggs.


Protection problems.
Too many unblocked Steelers.
Chargers game no fluke.


Playoff performance
Feast or famine for Manning.
Sunday, ponies starved.


Edge, cap casualty?
Colts canít afford to lose him.
Triplets become twins.


Miraculous fumble.
Destiny smiles down on Colts.
Vandershank wide right.

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written by: Stephen Conway

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