Issue # 121: Season Wrap Up

The best haiku from each issue!  PAGE 1: Issues 101-108  PAGE 2: Issues 109-116 PAGE 3: Issues 117-120


Issue 101
New year, same questions.
Will the defense be better?
Can they beat the Pats?


Issue 102
Forget the triplets.
Colts can get by with just one.
His name is Larry!


Issue 103
Leftwich, Marshall grad,
knows sounds across the line
The thundering herd!


Issue 104
Another record
Most prolific passing pals
Peyton and Marvin


Issue 105
Titans, Colts collide.
Just like ship that bears their name,
Titans sink like stone.


Issue 106
Cato the Younger
would not give ground to tyrants.
Roman linebacker.


Issue 107
Edge shoulders the load
The quintessential workhorse
Batters through the Rams


Issue 108
The century mark
Dungy joins distinguished group
Coach Knoll would be proud.

written by: Stephen Conway

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