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Issue # 122: Revolving Blue Door

Last week: OFF SEASON

Haiku count: 861

This week: Colts vs Giants


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How will Colts stay sharp
Now that they have lost the Edge?
Play action problem.


Revolving blue door
Sends Colt linebackers packing
Each and ev'ry year.


Two headed monster
Four legs to fill two big shoes.
Dom and Joe split time.


Peyton's biggest battle?
Brothers face off in prime time
Manning a Manning.


For sleepless o-line,
Long nightmare nearly over
Chance for redemption


No picnic, Barber.
Tiki torches not allowed.
Colts must swarm to ball.


Fresh legs from bayou
Soft spoken Joseph Addai
Rookie of the Year?


From chump to the champ
Vandershank, Vinatieri.
Boot one, sign other.

written by: Stephen Conway



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