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Issue # 123: Sibling Sibilance

Last week: Colts 26  Giants 21

Haiku count: 869

This week: Colts vs Texans


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Sibling sibilance
Quarterback cadence the same.
Two brothers, one voice.


Hard-fought but sloppy
Win won't conceal weaknesses
Vulnerable Colts.


A house divided?
No chance. Two chances to cheer!
Pride unites parents.


Credible run game?
Play action's a farce when Colts
caught behind the line.


Hey, where's my sweat suit?
Manning Bowl needs no trophy
Hoodie for Peyton.


Sponge-like Colt defense
Porous, full of many holes
Tiki ran for days.


Back yard to prime time
First QB brother battle
in league history.


Big Blue and Big 'shoe
Ponies hop out of Gotham
on Adam's big foot.

written by: Stephen Conway



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