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Issue # 130: Mister Clutch Comes Through

Last week: Colts 34 Denver 31

Haiku count: 925

This week: Colts vs Patriots


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Mister Clutch comes through.
Move goal posts even closer,
he'd still make the kick.


London Underground
saying concerns Colt defense
Mind the gap, damn it!


Reggie has new home.
Sunday, he rents timeshare in
Darrent Williams' head.


Methodical march
Master of two minute drill
Manning masterpiece.


Manning manicure
Last minute special for fans:
Weekly nail-biter!


One gap or no gap,
Ask not for whom Mike Bell tolls
At Colts, he runs free.


League pecking order:
Colts are to the Broncos as
Pats are to Colts


Timely turnover
Turns the tide in third quarter
Freeney: half a sack!

written by: Stephen Conway



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