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Issue # 133: Pyro Ponies Play with Fire

Last week: Colts 14 Cowboys 21

Haiku count: 949

This week: Colts vs Eagles


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Too many mistakes
Pyro ponies play with fire
This week they get burned


Two trips to red zone
One interception and one
Turn over on downs


Fortuitous loss?
Perfect season put to rest
Focus on trophy


Failure to challenge
Colt assistants caught napping
On pick for touchdown.


Losing means learning
Not all close games go our way
Big plays not given


When harassed early,
Peytonís Achilles heel shows
Throws into covírage.


Three losses in last
Twenty four meaningful games
Law of avírages.


Call him brash, cocky.
Call him leagueís most accurate.
Call him jobless, soon.

written by: Stephen Conway



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