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Issue # 134: Tight Rope Toe-Tap Catch

Last week: Colts 45 Eagles 21

Haiku count: 957

This week: Colts vs Titans


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Four scores for Addai
Not James, Faulk, Ameche, Moore
Did this as a Colt.


League low sacks allowed
Unheralded and unsung
Great offensive line


National symbol
Roasted on prime time TV
Eagles now turkeys


Double teams lead to
Frustration for Harrison
Two picks in two weeks.


Cagy Colt gameplan
RUn right at blitz-happy birds
Peyton a decoy.


Tight rope toe-tap catch.
Reggie at full extension
snags ball with one hand.


Colts play keep away
Two hundred thirty nine yards
with two running backs.


McNabbless Eagles
Poor flightless birds, now grounded,
Rely on Westbrook.

written by: Stephen Conway



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