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Issue # 135: 60 yard Boot to the Head

Last week: Colts 17 Titans 20

Haiku count: 965

This week: Colts vs Jags


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The silver lining?
Colts haven't played their best game
Question is, will they?


Clear cut victory
Sports' beautiful clarity
Most mistakes loses


Third and long eight times
Eight times Vince Young runs for first
Linebackers absent.


Colt defense gameplan
Is fundamentally flawed.
Pass rush ev'ry down


Recipe for loss
Dropped balls, turnovers, and flags.
Leaves bad taste in mouth


In each Colt close game,
Scrappy offense, crappy D
can dictate outcome.


Play fast, but play smart.
Undisciplined aggression
Colts worst enemy


Kick for overtime
Sixty yard boot to the head.
Bironas breaks tie.

written by: Stephen Conway



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