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Issue # 139: Modicum of Momentum

Last week: Colts 27 Dolphins 22

Haiku count: 997

2006 Playoffs: Colts vs Chiefs


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Perfect home record
Modicum of momentum
Still, Colts are dark horse.


Colt fans grit their teeth
Uneasy and unsettled,
they beg for tackles


Dolphins now dismissed,
Colts can face playoffs two ways:
With fire or fear.


Peyton is point guard
Best defense is good offense
Keep away from Chiefs


Like the leopard, Colts
Can't change their spots at will.
Weak link is still weak.


Despite twelve win year,
Season defined by one game
Wild Card epitaph


Colt defense and special teams
When will they step up?


Why even play game?
Pundits say Colts have no chance
Darkest before dawn.

written by: Stephen Conway



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