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Issue # 141: Kicked by Colt Karma

Last week: Colts 15 Ravens 6

Haiku count: 1013

2006 Playoffs: Colts vs Pats


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Harrowed homecoming
Bitter birds have chops busted
Kicked by Colt karma.


Plush ponies pound ball
Harmless Charm City birds watch
Colts grind yards, wind clock.


Baltimore Browns fans,
look yourselves in the mirror.
Where'd you get your team?


Ravens script the game
Colts take the leading role
Field goal fiesta!


Colt team proves neither
arrogance nor vitriol
matters on the field.


Sometimes the stats lie.
Clutch performance by Manning
on key third down throws.


Defense can't tackle.
Peyton can't win the big one.
What's the next excuse?


Take it to the bank
Adam's kicks & checks don't bounce
except off crossbars.

written by: Stephen Conway



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