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Issue # 146: Biblical Reverse

Last week: Colts 41 Saints 10

Haiku count: 1061

Next Week: Colts vs Titans


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City on cloud nine
Championship afterglow
outlasts off season


No Caesar of old,
Emperor Peyton Manning
won't rest on laurels.


Spoils of victory
Dinner with her Majesty
Saturday Night Live


Two flawed franchises
Colts were Dolts & Saints were Aints
Remade by Mannings


Cato, Dom, Nick, Jase
The Fellowship is broken
Ex pony payday


Notice has been served
Colts won't relinquish title
to teams less worthy.l


Lombardi trophy
Silver symbol of success
shared across the state.


Biblical reverse
Goliath arm slays David
Three scores slung: Reg, Marv.

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written by: Stephen Conway



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