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Issue # 147: Ghost of Vandershank?

Last week: Colts 22 Titans 20

Haiku count: 1069

Next Week: Colts vs Texans


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Addai doesn't run
he glides through would-be tacklers
lane change through traffic


Four trips to red zone
Three inside the Titan's eight
Only three field goals


Mr. V's human
A block, a doink, and a miss.
Ghost of Vandershank?


Late in fourth quarter
Colts pass, Titans keep time outs
Strategic blunder


Harassed and hurried
Standing tall in the pocket
Manning delivers


Call him Carpenter
Bob Sanders lays the lumber
Two and a half sacks


Untested rookie
Car from Eastern Europe
Blind-side protector


Doormats no longer
Texans challenge Colts Sunday
for division lead.





written by: Stephen Conway



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