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Issue # 149: What Price Victory?

Last week: Colts 38 Texans 20

Haiku count: 1089

Next Week: Colts vs Buccaneers


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Page Two: submissions from Rex Stocklin of Fishers, IN




What price victory?
Morris, Harrison, Sanders
All sit second half.


Equestrian teams
run wild across Hoosier plains
Colt tramples the herd


Polian on Joe:
Hippy-dippy jump straight back
then run forward guy


Bronc's plan: play clock ball
Thing is, that's the Colts' plan, too.
with more horse power


Xmas came early
Quarterback from Santa Claus
gives ball to Jackson


Crease, gap, wrinkle, seam
Shoulders lowered, legs pumping
Addai earns each yard.


Sliding touchdown grab
Rare spike bounces into stands
Dallas begs for ball.


Eleven home wins
September to remember
Ties franchise record.





written by: Stephen Conway



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