30 years of Colts fandom unleashed in 136 syllables every week of the season. 1100 haiku and counting!

Issue # 153: One That Got Away

Last week: Colts 20 Patriots 24

Haiku count: 1131

Next Week: Colts vs Chargers


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Sunday fish story
Colts let Pats off the hook
One that got away.


Lead 10, 9 to go
Defense lets up for 2 plays
Offense can't move ball.


Vaunted Pat offense
held in check for three quarters
Two deep balls kill Colts


Vaunted Colt offense
Dominates between twenties
Red Zone gives them fits


Despite their first loss,
Colts should remain confident
Truth is, team beat self.


Designed for five yards,
Addai breaks into open
Cuts across field... SCORES!


Diving lunge for ball
Tip from one hand to other
Gary Acro-Brackett!


Season far from done
Arch rivals gain upper hand
Rematch in the cold!





written by: Stephen Conway



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