30 years of Colts fandom unleashed in 136 syllables every week of the season. 1200 haiku and counting!

Issue # 163: 2007 Season Wrap Up

Final Record: 13-4

Haiku count: 1221

Next Week: Off Season


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Week 1 - Colts vs Saints W 41-10 Issue 146


Week 2 - Colts vs Titans W 22-20 Issue 147

City on cloud nine
Championship afterglow
outlasts off season


Mr. V's human
A block, a doink, and a miss.
Ghost of Vandershank?

Week 3 - Colts vs Texans W 30-24  Issue 148


Week 4 - Colts vs Broncos W 38-20 Issue 149

Consistent pattern
Craptastic kick coverage
will cost Colts in end.


Crease, gap, wrinkle, seam
Shoulders lowered, legs pumping
Addai earns each yard.

Week 5 - Colts vs Bucs W 33-14  Issue 150


Week 6 - Colts vs Jaguars W 29-7 Issue 151

Herd mentality
When one Colt falters, the next
Colt keeps up the pace


Safety not the word
That comes to mind when thinking
of one Dwight Freeney!

Week 7 - Colts vs Panthers  W 31-7 Issue 152


Week 8 - Colts vs Patriots L 20-24 Issue 153

Pass torch, Johnny U
Peyton's your heir apparent
Two stars in Colt skies.


Vaunted Pat offense
held in check for three quarters
Two deep balls kill Colts





written by: Stephen Conway



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