30 years of Colts fandom unleashed in 136 syllables every week of the season. 1200 haiku and counting!

Issue # 165: Last Cavalry Charge

Last week: Colts 18 Vikings 15

Haiku count: 1237

Next Week: Colts vs Jaguars


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D bent, didn't break
O broke but did not bend, yet
Somehow, some way, won.


Fifteen point prize fight
Punch-drunk P pulls team off mat
for late round knockout.


In Minnesota,
land of 10,000 field goals,
touchdowns elusive.


Stats don't tell whole tale.
Defense concedes many yards,
never yields end zone.


Colts dominated
in ev'ry facet of game
except one that counts


Gonzo's wake-up call
Lateral to Reggie Wayne
sets up first Colt score.


Rash of lineman hurt
Saturday, Lilja, Ugoh.
Rooks must learn on fly.


Last cavalry charge
Ponies outflank men of North
Swift kick victory





written by: Stephen Conway



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