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Issue # 166: Not Quite Last Minute Enough

Last week: Colts 21 Jaguars 23

Haiku count: 1245

Next Week: BYE Week


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Shorthanded D-line
Battered, beaten down game end
No oomph for last stop.


Goal to go; P throws
Craptastic clock management
gave Jags time to score.


Hard to win the game
When offense runs mere five plays
in third quarter.


Officials take note:
Driving through player to ball
Pass interference!


Colts knew the game plan
Jags would run, then run some more
Still couldn't stop them.


Last minute comeback
Not quite last minute enough
Eight seconds, Jags win.


No moaning, groaning.
Despite doubtful penalites
Champs find ways to win.


No time to panic
Season marathon, not sprint
Team work in progress.





written by: Stephen Conway



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