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Issue # 167: The Four Minute Magicians

Last week: Colts 31 Texans 27

Haiku count: 1255

Next Week: Colts vs Ravens


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Seventeen points down
Two fumbles, one pick later
Colts win game by four!


Without training camp
Well oiled offense misfiring
chains refuse to move.


Game day, birthday, coach.
The four minute magicians
pull comeback from hat.


Interior woes
Missing Pitcock and Johnson
Line manhandled.


Some say season saved
Last count, twelve games still remain
Start with win at home.


Diving, arms outstretched
with ev'ry last ounce of strength,
Robert grabs the ball.


Bludgeoned and battered
Defense won't stay down for count
GB for TD..


Leaping, arms outstretched
with freakish magnetic hands
Reggie grabs the win.


Bludgeoned and battered
Houston weathers second storm
Crushed by Colt comeback


Great on roasted pork,
Sage is savory to some.
To Colts, it is sweet..





written by: Stephen Conway



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