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Issue # 168: All Roads Lead to Rhodes

Last week: Colts 31 Ravens 3

Haiku count: 1263

Next Week: Colts vs Packers


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With Sanders injured
Colts put one more in chamber
Bullitt locked, loaded.


Effective pass rush
results in five turnovers
3 picks, 2 fumbles.


Slumbering giant
As a team, Colts awaken
crush sister city


Sideline streaking catch
Reggie's touchdown negated
Holding: Ryan Diem


Too old? Too injured?
Beleaugered by legal woes?
Marvin shrugs. Scores twice.


Despite missing camp
with not one, TWO surgeries,
Peyton's back in form


Single dot to the "i"
Addai's hammy and Hart's knee,
All roads lead to Rhodes


Under noonday sun
Ponies get hot, roast birds. Next,
Send Packers packing.





written by: Stephen Conway



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