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Issue # 170: Off by Inches, Off by Mile

Last week: Colts 21 Titans 31

Haiku count: 1279

Next Week: Colts vs Patriots


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Fourth down or touchdown
Off by inches, off by mile
Anemic offense


Two fourth down failures
Give Titans short field to score
Make them earn each yard.


It is a fine line
Between good teams and av'rage.
Consistency key.


Replay reticence
Clear fumble ; no Colt challenge
Reluctant red flag


Colts run, Titans pass
Nobody knows anything
Skewed stats but no win.


Titans unbeaten
Colts division slips away
Hopes pinned on wild card.


Depleted D-line
The punishers and punished
spent by fourth quarter


Good half or quarter
But sustained disciplined effort
seems beyond these Colts.





written by: Stephen Conway



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