31 years of Colts fandom unleashed in 136 syllables every week of the season. 1300 haiku and counting!

Issue # 175: Sack, Fumble, Touchdown!

Last week: Colts 10 Browns 6

Haiku count: 1319

Next Week: Colts vs Bengals


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Mathis scoops up ball
Gigantic blue leprechaun,
pot of gold: end zone.


Brackett, Dawson down
Johnson and Hagler step in
Defense holds the line.


One lonely field goal
Offensive futility
Peyton dawg pounded


Ten minutes to go
Conference at the quarterback
Sack, fumble, touchdown!


Endangered species
TDs rare breed in Cleveland
even for home team


Fourth time in twelve games
Vict'ry sealed by Colt DB
This time, Bethea.


Three blunders span half
Fumble, two interceptions
Bailed out by defense


Much maligned in past
Kick cov'rage kept Cribbs in check
Once weakness, now strength.





written by: Stephen Conway



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