31 years of Colts fandom unleashed in 136 syllables every week of the season. 1300 haiku and counting!

Issue # 176: Bingo, Bango, Bungles

Last week: Colts 35 Bengals 3

Haiku count: 1327

Next Week: Colts vs Lions


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Injuries now behind them
Colts round into shape.


Defense played downhill
Big lead forces foes to pass
Wild horse unleashed


Spanish skills lacking
More circus clown than wide out
Chad largely ignored


Hayden the ball-hawk
Film study shows formation
Jumped slot route for score


Career day for G
Six catches, sixty-nine yards
Two tight end terror


One step; all Marv needs
sixty seven yard scamper
ends short of goal line


It boggles the mind
Fans pay top dollar for tix,
leave when team plays well


With Colts first to green
It's Bingo, Bango, Bungles
Cincy under par.





written by: Stephen Conway



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