31 years of Colts fandom unleashed in 136 syllables every week of the season. 1300 haiku and counting!

Issue # 177: Lions Pride On Line

Last week: Colts 31 Lions 21

Haiku count: 1335

Next Week: Colts vs Jags


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Fumble or fair catch
Ball bounces off Lion's back
Replay ref was wrong.


NFL record
five consecutive seasons
seven game win streak


Lion's pride on line
Team shows moxie, mounts comeback
but fails to win game


Milestones aplenty
Ten wins for seven straight years
Standard for success


Wind back twenty years
Colts, George laughing stock of league
Fans, cherish this team


One rung up ladder
Harrison passes Tim Brown
Six from Cris Carter


Roaming the short zone
Constant target and safety valve
Twelve catches for Clark


Playoff berth in site
Short week keeps Joe and Bob out
Back to work Thursday.





written by: Stephen Conway



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