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Issue # 178: Crunch Time or Clinch Time

Last week: Colts 31 Jaguars 24

Haiku count: 1343

Next Week: Colts vs Titans


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For three full quarters,
Colt defense could stop no one
Fourth, they played for keeps.


Despite no run game
Lazer-like accuracy
Allows Colts to score


Peyton on red phone
Coach says, "Seventeen in row
More of the same, please."


Crunch time or clinch time
Trailing late, playoffs on line
Team rallies for win.


Third down, one to go
Last yard always the hardest
No daylight; no holes.


Marvin nursing hams,
Reggie asked to play on right
Open all day long


D bent, didn't break
400 yards surrendered
Big plays save the day


Ratliff with pick six
Freeney and Mathis with sack
Defense redemption





written by: Stephen Conway



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