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Issue # 179: Milestones Aplenty

Last week: Colts 23 Titans 0

Haiku count: 1351

Playoffs: Wild Card: Colts vs Chargers


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Milestones aplenty
Peyton, Marvin, and Dallas
Each one sets record.


Don't forget Adam
Thirteen consecutive years
One hundred points, plus!


Peyton's passing mark
Nine consecutive seasons
with four thousand yards


With nothing on line
Glorified preseason game
Our backups beat theirs.


Career receptions
Marvin catches Cris Carter
Second behind Rice


A rare occurrence
Jim Sorgi trots onto field
Crowd cheers with gusto.


Clark passes John Mackey
Single season yardage made
Catches Colt Tight End


Second rarity
Colt defense holds foes scoreless
Eleven year drought.





written by: Stephen Conway



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