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Issue # 180: Darren Effing Sproles

Last week: Colts 17 Chargers 23 (OT)

Haiku count: 1359



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Darren Effing Sproles.
Are you kidding me? Again?
Darren Effing Sproles.


Through adversity
Defense forces turnovers
Offense can't convert


Oft the whipping boy
Lowly punter can dictate
offense strategy


Often is the case
Game will turn of few key plays
Coin flip isn't one.


Come January
Marvin is invisible
when Manning drops back.


Tale of two replays
One challenge that should've been
And one that shouldn't.


Drives begin in dark
Shrouded by goal post shadow
Trapped inside the ten


Sure to be dismissed
12 wins fought through injuries
Horseshoe won't forget!





written by: Stephen Conway



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